Monday, December 17, 2007

Half of Food in Developed World Goes Wasted: Problem to Solve, Entrepreneurial Opportunity to Seize

Yesterday, the BBC World Service broadcast a debate on food productivity. It was mentioned that 25-30% of food fit for human consumption in developed countries is thrown away. Some data for the UK indicate the figure is one third, for the US maybe one half. One fellow-blogger has even dedicated a site to this issue. This is really appalling given how many people starve in this world. (Picture from Wasted Food.)

But certainly a clever enterpreneur could seize on this opportunity - transforming this incredible amount of waste into something both socially useful, and profitable. Maybe he could make an agreement with restaurants and supermarkets to collect their waste and then agree with a biomass producer to transform it into biomass. Or with a hygienist he could separate what is still fit for animal consumption and make that part of the waste into animal feed. Something could be made into fertilizer.

Who comes up with the best entrepreneurial plan on how to put this waste into use, gets a present from me! Send your ideas to or post them below as comments, with an address where I can reach you.

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